Introduction for Beginner

Reiki, consists of syllables “Rei” meaning “The Nature or the Divine ” and “Ki” or “Chi” meaning “Energy”. So, Reiki (In Japanese) means “The Universal Power “, or “The Divine Energy”. Reiki is a very popular healing system at the moment, even in the United States there is an institution especially for Reiki and the profession as a Reiki Healer has been acknowledged structurally and publicly. The practice of Reiki healing has actually been used since a long time ago, either in Tibet, or around the world. This practice is believed to have been descended from the old Veda, a collection of writing given to the Great Rishi (wisemen) thousands of years ago. The oldest text that is still kept is more than 5.000 years ago. Reiki is not religion. Although this healing practice is known in all cultures around the world, this system has a spiritual dimension. Reiki is a unification concept as it has been accepted globally. Reiki recommends unity and harmony. Reiki is harmony with nature and can be used to heal plants, human beings, animal, and even can be used to help purify and harmonize water and air. Reiki was found at the beginning of the twentieth century by a Japanese named Mikao Usui. Later, he developed it into a healing system that he could give to other people through attunement (in Japanese, it’s called Reiju, meaning “receiving energy/spirit”). At the moment, this system is practiced by millions of people around the globe.

For those who want to become independent healers, both for themselves as well as to heal other people, can take any available courses. Soon after the attunement, the students will be able to access and channel Reiki energy for healing.

How do I start to learn Reiki?

You can take Reiki basic course in the Spirit of Chi, available in a package called Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho. Reiki is the starting variant of Reiki, founded by Mikao Usui. You can take the package for beginners as follows:



Duration of program 2 months. Certified as the Master Reiki
Methods of Teaching: Long Distance or Direct
Guided directly by Sastra Vardhana


I am outside of the office, will the attunement work long distance? How is the result?

Yes, the attunement can be done anywhere either directly or from long distance. The result of the attunement will be the same.

What other course package can be taken beside Usui Shiki Ryoho Reki?

You can also take course package Reiki Vajra Aruna Shakti Tumo Reiki or other package. However, as the basic for beginners, it is better to start from Usui Shiki Ryoho.

How does the attunement process work?

The Reiki Master/Teacher will activate and open all chakras in the body, especially the Crown Chakra, Hand Chakras, Heart Chakra, etc. and then harmonize our body with the Reiki Energy System. Attunement mostly will last only for 20 – 30 minutes. After the attunement, it is recommended to conduct daily self healing for approximately 21 days.

What is meant by Master/Teacher Level?

Master/Teacher is a person who has the authority to pass Reiki attunement to other people after getting the certification as a Reiki Master.

Is Reiki using any supernatural power or other beings?

Not at all. Reiki accesses the energy of the universe and used for healing. Reiki is around us, but common people cannot access and use it before being attuned by a Reiki Master

After learning Reiki, can I still pray according to my religion?

Of course. Reiki has nothing to do with any religion. You are free to use any kinds of prayer according to your own belief. Reiki is fully the universal energy that we use for the goodness of all human beings.

I am interested with metaphysics and there are so many of courses on it. How do I start?

Learning metaphysics must start from basic so that it will easier to learn it further. Spirit of Chi has a metaphysics curriculum as follows:

Ilmu Ghaib Nur Sejati (as the basic for beginner)

Gtumo Inti Api Hidup

Rajah Kala Cakra

Cakra Bhairava Shakti

Bayu Bajra Badhranaya

Kayon Kembar

Ilmu Hakikat Zat Tubuh

Ajian Ijunajati (for male)

Ajian Buhun Sekartaji (for female)


What is the difference between Metaphysics and Reiki?

Reiki is an energy knowledge that exists outside our body or called the macro cosmos energy, while metaphysics, besides accessing the macro cosmos energy, it also opens all potentials within ourselves. The power within our body is extraordinary; it has the inner power, Gtumo, Kundalini, Cupu, etc. Metaphysics or Supranatural or invisible can be interpreted simply by having the ability to do something that cannot be done by other people or the ability to do something outside physical boundary.

The broad uses of metaphysics are for protection, shield, healing and spirituality, while Reiki is more focused on healing and spirituality aspects.

What are taught in Spirit of Chi and how do Spirit of Chi get the metaphysics capability?

The metaphysics skills in the Spirit of Chi all rooted in the culture of our ancestors, some of them are grouped in the tradition of Kejawen, Al Hikmah, and General. All the skills do not use any black magic or dark supernatural power. They all source to our heart’s purity to God. Therefore, the more you are faithful to God, the stronger the skills in your body will be.

Will someone who learn metaphysics be difficult to die?

Impossible. Someone will be difficult to return Home because of sins, not because of his/her skills and knowledge. If we think logically, will God be defeated by skilled people so they cannot die? Of course not. A person will be difficult to die because of his/her bond with his/her sins. Spirit of Chi does not teach black magic or power sourcing from unity with Satan. Therefore, concern for this matter is not necessary.

Those are a bit of manuals for the beginners. Should you have any questions, please send an email to or give us a call..

Jakarta, 14 April 2008

Sastra Vardhana