Personalized Feng Shui

Every man in this world must have experienced the turmoil of life, there are moments of luck and there are times when misfortune occurs. In the moments of luck, we will obtain success in the job, having good family relationships, and we feel life is so wonderful. In the moments of adversity, probably we will lose job, face financial loss, breakdown relationship and others.

Lots of studies and research has been done to find out why humans must experience adversity and what the causes of these misfortunes. For thousands of years ago, China has tried to improve their lives. One means for the improvement of life is the art of Feng Shui which has spread widely in the world.

In Chinese, Feng () means the wind while Shui () means water, so Feng Shui means Wind and Water. In Chinese society, Water is a symbol of Wealth while Wind symbolizing Direction. So implicitly the Chinese believes that if we set the correct direction (of the house or land or property) then we will tap the prosperity from that direction. By having wealth, this will mean the quality of human life will be better.

Although Feng Shui is an art that is quite mysterious, but Feng Shui is not something superstitious or mystical. Feng Shui is also not a religion or cult. Feng Shui is an art that is logical, practical and the benefits can be perceived.

The method we use for the achievement of human well-being and harmony here is a Personalized Feng Shui and Yin Yang Feng Shui in which the method is integrated simultaneously using the Optimization of the Earth, Heaven and Man. Opportunities to gain wealth and human well-being different from each other, depending on date of birth and residence. In a Personalized Feng Shui, we adjust a person with their home. Yin Yang Feng Shui is the art of the high level of Chinese Metaphysics that evaluates a place without using luo pan with a fairly high degree of accuracy.